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Toni Handboy

Toni Handboy works with Wakpa Waste Counseling Services and has been there for ten years. She is a MSW with her LAC with the State of South Dakota BAPP.  She is also a Certified Recovery Coach and currently is the Lead Integrated Care Case Manager, and the Clinical Supervisor of the Substance Abuse Program. She has been in Recovery for 17 years living the Red Road way of life. Toni would like to see solutions to the current issues our youth are facing and those who are suffering from depression. How do we get ahead of the problem? Working in Behavioral Health she often sees high numbers of Suicidal Ideation and Suicidal Attempts weekly. It becomes overwhelming at times to know our youth are suffering. What can be done to assist in their difficult times? Providing them an outlet, voice and that we see and hear them. Not often will a youth that is struggling seek the help they need. They will seek out their friends and peers first. Toni would like to see CTC provide some solutions to the silent suffering that our youth experience, so they can have an avenue to reach out and feel safe, and so they can enjoy their life by attending or becoming a part of the activities of change for themselves. She prays for each and every one that they find a purpose beyond what they settle for in life. This is why Toni decided to be involved in CTC and is thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the efforts.

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