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Monica Stambach

Monica teaches Math and IT courses at the OLC center in Eagle Butte and online. She helps advise Science and IT students in the MST department. Her bachelor's degree is in Math, and her Masters is in Technology. She enjoys teaching both content areas. 


Monica explains that she has three reasons for her work with CTC:  1) I joined CTC at the request of one of my students. I wanted to see how I could help encourage the youth of our community. 2) The community benefits from the work and dedication of the people in the CTC work groups. Students are encouraged and celebrated. Discussions and projects help guide young people to make good choices and feel better about themselves and the shared community. 3) I would like to see Cheyenne River youth excel and thrive educationally and socially. I would like to see less violence and drug activity in the lives of our young people. I would love to see the successful work of CTC expand to outlying communities on the reservation.

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