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Joette Lee

Joette Lee’s Lakota name is Wanbli Okinyan Win. She is a mother to three wonderful children, MiaJo, Mont, and JannyPeg. She is currently looking into the Masters in Social Work Program with the University of South Dakota. She works as Youth Case Manager for the Wakpa Waste' Counseling Services (formerly known as Four Bands Healing Center & Behavioral Health.)  As a case manager she monitors youth ages 24 and under, pregnant women,  and DSS and Children Court clients. Joette would like to see CTC do great things on the Cheyenne River Reservation. She has been able to see the hard work that goes into keeping CTC going so far. She believes in the importance and sacredness of children, our Wakanyeja. Joette has seen CTC put on community activities that are drug and alcohol free, and that families can do together. She feels this is a good approach to bringing everyone together.  

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