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Corrine Huber

Corrine Huber, MS, Community Education and Outreach Coordinator for Missouri Breaks Industries Research, Inc. is committed to using research-based information to help others improve their lives through intervention and education. She has over thirty years of experience working on Cheyenne River bringing people and partner agencies together to work on and achieve common goals. She was fortunate to be able to teach life skills and leadership lessons to youth and adults living on Cheyenne River when she worked as a Family Consumer Science Extension Educator with SDSU and the Dewey and Ziebach County 4-H programs.  Corrine enjoys volunteering with local youth initiatives and is currently serving as the volunteer treasurer for Timber Lake and Area Development Corporation. She and her husband, Mike, have two grown children. She joined CTC because of the potential it has for area youth. Youth are the future and whatever we can do as volunteers will help them have positive life experiences which in turn yields healthier adults. Our community will have so many possibilities and be so much richer because of the CTC program and other community investments into our youth.         

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