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Community Action Plan

Our CTC Action Plan was created by our Community Board to address our priority areas identified in our survey. Scroll through this page to learn more about our priorities, and our programs to address them. You can also read through our Community Action Plan Report that goes into more detail!

Our Priority Areas

CTC administered a 2020 Youth Prevention Needs Assessment with students in grades 6-12 from Eagle Butte schools. After data was analyzed, the board and community chose four major areas areas to prioritize. The risks of Poor Family Management, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana Use, Depressive Symptoms, and Lack of Commitment to School were  the most concerning when compared to the other risk and priority areas assessed.​ 

Poor Family Management measures

  • Parents’ use of inconsistent and/or unusually harsh or severe punishment

  • Parents’ failure to provide clear expectations and to monitor their children’s whereabouts and behavior

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Marijuana Use measures

  • How much a student thinks people risk harming themselves (physical or in other ways) if they…

    • Smoke 1+ packs of cigarettes every day

    • Try marijuana once or twice

    • Smoke marijuana regularly

    • Take 1-2 drinks of alcohol every day

Lack of Commitment to School measures

  • Student’s report of...

    • Skipping or “cutting” school

    • Level of interest in courses

    • School no longer being meaningful and important 

    • Enjoying or hating school

    • Trying their best

Depressive Symptoms measures

  • Student’s report of feeling...

    • Life is not worth it

    • No good at all

    • Like a failure

    • Depressed or sad

CTC research shows that by addressing these areas, we can lower the following health and behavior problems.

Substance Abuse


School Drop Out

Early Unplanned Pregnancy


Depression or Anxiety

Programs to address our priority areas

The CTC board did extensive research on current community resources and possible proven programs. We then presented our recommendations to support and implement the Positive Action(TM) and Strengthening Families programs to address our priority areas. These recommendations were approved by community leaders. 

Positive Action

The tested and effective curriculum, Positive Action™, is being implemented by the Cheyenne-Eagle Butte Schools for grades in 2nd-12th grade. Positive Action™ is a school-based social, emotional learning program for students in elementary, middle schools, and high school ages. It works to increase positive behavior, reduce negative behavior, and improve social and emotional learning and school climate. This program is universal prevention, meaning anyone can receive it, and it can be tailored to a teacher, or administrators schedule. The Positive Action™ program has both school and community components to increase community wide climate change. Within the community section is also a family kit to reinforce Positive Action™ in the home. CTC is currently seeking funds to take on the Family & Community piece of the Positive Action(TM) programming and are currently in the process of planning. 

Strengthening Families Program

SFP is a group parenting and youth skills program that aims to promote good parenting skills and bonding to create positive family relationships. By starting this program in the community it would address the current service delivery gap of the “Family Management” priority area. SFP can be implemented in a community or school setting and has been successfully delivered to Native American families.

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