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Ahanni Knight

Ahanni Knight is the reigning Miss Cheyenne River 2019-2022. She loves to go to powwows when she can! She figured out she loves doing powwow pageants and meeting new people. She also loves do her makeup for fun and sew ribbon skirts when she has free time. She has a cute American Bully named Copper, which she loves dearly. Ahanni is the Cultural Director and Food Program Director for the Sioux YMCA, and this summer she will be the Waterfront Director for the Leslie Marrowbone Camp. Ahanni joined CTC to be a part of our children's future. On the Cheyenne River Reservation, the youth have very few people to look up to, so she wants this group to show they can make a living on and off the reservation. Ahanni wants to see the children grow not only physically and mentally but culturally too!

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