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Operating within The Keya Foundation

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We have a vision for a community where our youth are healthy, culturally grounded, confident in their identity, and equipped with the fundamental skills for success in life.


How CTC builds on the Lakota Values, one by one. 

Waóhola -Respect-

We respect the 7 generations of ancestors that have come before us, to fight the good fight for positive youth development.

Wówičakȟe -Honesty & Truth-

We work to be honest with ourselves about what our community and our youth face, and not to overlook signs of trouble.

Wóksape -Wisdom- 

We practice Wóksape by using this research based, CTC process, to prevent youth health risks. We work to show our kids a different path for their future.

Wówauŋšila -Caring & Compassion-

We know that we are interacting with impressionable students, from all backgrounds. We work to make sure everyone feels heard and cared for.

Wóuŋšiič’iye -Humility-

We work to understand what our kids are experiencing in their lives. With humility, we are not too proud to ask for help from others who are also working towards positive youth development.

Wóčhékiye -Prayer-

We pray for the well-being of our youth, that they can be grounded in their culture, and for the health of all future generations.

Wówačhaŋtognake -Generosity-

We work to inform the community of positive changes that can happen through the CTC process. We work to give hope and results to our community.

Prevention Science

CTC uses Prevention Science , a public health approach, to lower youth risk factors, while at the same time increasing protective factors. 

Protective Factors

Risk Factors

Proven To Work

Communities That Care was tested in a randomized controlled trial. 24 communities across 7 states were matched in pairs within state and randomly assigned to either receive CTC or serve as control communities. Starting in 5th grade, a panel of 4407 students was followed by CTC researchers, with positive effects in the CTC group sustained into adulthood. By 8th grade the panel of students from CTC Communities showed results of:


Less likely to start smoking cigarettes


Less likely to engage in crime


Less likely to binge drink

The Keya Foundation

The CRST Communities That Care (CTC) Coalition was established and receives continued support from Missouri Breaks Industries Research Inc. CTC has since then moved to operating within The Keya Foundation and has partnered with other organizations such as the Cánli Coalition of CRST, and has been heavily involved with Eagle Butte schools, Cheyenne-Eagle Butte and Windswept Academy.


Our partners

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